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The story behind Silicone Wiper Blades

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Si-Plus, one of the the best Silicone Wipers for all cars for safer driving. We offer quality wipers that fits 99% of car models. Si-Plus wipers uses patent Mita Japan technology to produce excellent water-repellent effect. Every time you run the wiper at dry mode (without water), it will release the water-repellent coating on your screen.

It is said that the service life of this new silicone windshield wipers is about 2-3 years. I was skeptical then because I don’t believe that wipers could ever form hydrophobic coating for windshield glass automatically unless that you add coating solution to it regularly. But after using the wipers, I was convinced.

The principle of silicone wipers characteristics was originally developed based on European and American cross-country car races, designed to adapt to the harsh road conditions of outdoor cross-country races. The cross-country race on rainy days is particularly exciting. When the racers were racing passionately on the muddy road, it often happened that the windshields were easily splashed by the overtaking car. When this happens, ordinary wiper blade has difficulty to clean the windscreen, which affects the vision of the racers. Thereby, affecting the result of the game. 

Adopted from nature, people observe that when dew, rain or muddy water fall on the surface of the lotus leaf, the surface of the lotus leaf is almost spotless after it flows away from the surface of the lotus leaf.

Si-Plus uses Japanese silica gel, which is 100% safe and environmental friendly approved by Japan BFR and FDA. The silicone wiper blades remain strong, flexible and stable even under the temperature from 200° to -50°.

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