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Wiper Blade Installation

Our silicone wiper blades are made from Japanese silicone rubber composite pre-mixed with our proprietary anti-friction and rain-repellant formula. Unlike other wiper blades which are merely coated thinly on the surface, our silicone wiper blades are blended with our special formula throughout the silicone material, making sure that our silicone wiper blades can continuously coat your windshield with rain repellant while delivering smooth and silent wiping performance for a longer time.
Plus, our silicone wiper blades are heat-resistant up to 250 degrees Celsius, which is why our silicone wiper blades easily outlast ordinary wiper blades by at least 3x.



1. Clean or detail the glass before installing the wiper blade. We highly recommend using a glass stripper to remove glass stains.

2. Keep glass clean and dry. Use a glass squeegee or an old wiper blade to remove water from the glass. (Avoid using cloth as it may leave lint on the glass)

3. Install silicone wiper blade and turn the wiper on to medium speed for 3-5 minutes. During this process, the rain repellant properties of the wiper blades are being coated on the windshield.


- Choose the right adapter. The head of adapter must be pointing on the engraved logo of the wiper.

- Make sure the adapter is installed properly. You will hear a click sound as you snap the adapter on to the wiper blade.

- Do not spray water during dry wiping process.

- Before dry wiping, remove the wiper rubber protective cover.

- Use medium speed wiping mode during the coating process for 3mins.

- During wiper installation, you may notice the gray-colored compound from the silicone rubber staining your hands. Please do not wipe off this compound from the wiper blade. However, clean your hands with soap and water after successfully installing the wiper blade.

4. Spray water to confirm the coating effect. 

Repeat the whole process if necessary. During cold or humid weather, coating time may be extended by 5 minutes.